General Sessions

General Sessions

General Sessions courts handle the most serious crimes in South Carolina. They can impose sentences up to life in prison without the possibility of parole or even the death penalty. Convictions for some charges will require you to lose your driver’s licensee, lose your right to own guns, and even your right to vote. Government assistance, student loans, employment options, and many aspects of daily life we take for granted are also affected. With potential sentences this severe, it is important to get a qualified lawyer as soon as possible.

In his years as a criminal defense attorney Mitchell Farley has handled virtually every type of General Sessions Offense. Unlike some lawyers that hold themselves out to be criminal defense attorneys, all he does is criminal defense.

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Summary Courts

Summary courts are also known a municipal or magistrate courts. We handle all summary court offenses. Although the maximum criminal sentence these courts can typically impose is 30 days and/or fines, there are many hidden consequences that can affect you for years to come. Some of these consequences include loss of driver’s license, enhanced penalties for future offenses, higher insurance rates, and loss of right to own firearms or ammunition. Further, conviction for some of these offenses can result in the deportation of foreign nationals, even if they are here legally.

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